Triple O Security protects some of  NSW prime critical infrastucture sites that require to  be  heavily secured and protected from terrorism, sabotage, information warfare and natural disasters.

Triple O Security have experience & an understanding of the associated complexities and unique requirements, including the awareness of confidentiality and profile that is required when providing these services .

Triple O Security understands that critical infrastructure security requires an enhanced level of security and security guard to protect and ensure the overall security of  facilities ,structures and water systems .

The selection, recruitment, induction, ongoing training of personnel and development and compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)  & OH&S  requirements is therefore paramount in Triple O Security’s approach to supplying the highest level of security services to government facilities and critical infrastructure to minimise vulnerability of these structures and systems to sabotage, terrorism, and contamination.

Key services include:

Our Critical Infrastructure Clients have their own Dedicated  Client Manager available 24 hours a day , 365days a year

Whatever your  Security needs , we can tailor a solution to fit

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