Triple O Security Mobile Patrolling Security Guards are a cost effective ‘Peace of mind ‘solution

Triple O Security’s  Mobile Patrol Service is a ‘cost effective’ security solution   24hrs a day  x 365 days a year that can minimizes the risk to your business from theft or vandalism which can have devastating affect’s on it’s day to day operations.

When permanent security guards are not required we can supply a wide range of pro-active mobile services.

Whether you need an out of hours visual deterrent, or regular inspection visits, or a full patrol and lock down of your premises, our fleet of high profile vehicles are tracked and managed 24/7 to deliver the most effective, cost efficient solution for your business.

Our mobile officers are trained to the highest industry standards and carry out a wide range of duties which add value to our Customers.

Whatever your mobile security need we can tailor a solution to fit



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